Hemp seems like a new product and industry in America; however, hemp has American roots that may surprise you.

American Founding Father’s Grew Hemp

George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were known to have grown hemp.  There is now evidence of how they specifically used hemp as describe in a Smithsonian article. The Jefferson Monticello foundation outlines writings from Thomas Jefferson concerning his hemp crops.

Declaration of Independence- written on hemp?

The only solid information we have on the Declaration of Independence papers is the final copy.  The Declaration of Independence is on display at the National Archives and is made from parchment, which is animal-based materials.   The drafts leading up to the final copy are known to have come from Dutch sources.  Dutch paper sources usually were made from linens, flax, and hemp. The drafts could have been written on hemp paper.

Growing Hemp was Mandatory

In certain colonies, hemp crops were mandatory.  Jamestown Colony in 1619, Massachusetts (1631), and Connecticut (1632), and Chesapeake Colonies all required hemp crops until the 18th century. Colonies used hemp for medicine, ropes, sails, and clothing.

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