Mireya Extracts products have been perfectly formulated for a superior wellness experience. We have designed our products based on feedback from you, the consumer. In accordance with the FDA we cannot make claims on the specific benefits of our products, so we have followed the lead of what we have found works best for us and our customers. We are centered around Wellness, Quality, and Customer Service. These values often seem lost in a time where marketing presence and company size tend to reign supreme. We are happy to be a small business who supports other small businesses in our community and beyond.

We offer a variety of hemp derived wellness products which include topicals, edibles, and oils. The formulation of our products ranges from 100% THC Free to items with varying concentrations of THC. All of our products are hemp-derived and under the federally required limit so they may be purchased and used anywhere in the United States, worry free.

Our products are ethically sourced and all raw materials used in the creation of these products are certified all-natural. Additionally, all our CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted using the purest, solvent-free methods available. The flavorings that we use in our tinctures are natural flavorings as well and if a sweetener is used, it’s monk fruit.

We created this product for you. ME for you!

Delta 8 and Delta 9


Are you venturing into the world of Delta 8 or Delta 9 and curious about products that offer both quality and enjoyment? Look no further, because DZ has carved a niche for itself in this burgeoning industry.

The origins of DZ are rooted in a quest for high-caliber, distinctive items, stemming from a need for something more than just ordinary. With a passionate approach to crafting not just products but experiences, DZ‘s journey is a colorful testament to industry innovation and commitment to excellence.

Birthed from the necessities for both fun and function, DZ has swiftly risen to establish significant milestones. Whether it’s our gourmet chocolates that pamper your taste buds or tinctures and gummies for possible sleep and pain relief, each product carries the hallmark of top-notch quality ingredients.

At the heart of the DZ brand lies a sincere commitment to delivering unrivaled quality without compromise. Every batch goes through meticulous testing, ensuring what reaches you is nothing but the best. The DZ mission is simple yet profound: enrich lives with products that are innovative, fun, and responsibly made.

Adhering to core values of transparency, quality, and customer delight, DZ stands out with unique selling points like delectable tastes, legal compliance, and health-conscious formulations that resonate with a broad audience.

DZ simplifies the complex world of cannabinoids with an enticing array of products. Our chocolate selection exemplifies gourmet standards, while our tinctures offer a zesty citrus spin on Delta 8 delivery. The gummies – a challenge to consume moderately given their irresistible flavor – wrap taste and efficacy in one delightful package.

Each product bears the assurance of containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, aligning with federal legal standards and promoting a worry-free consumer experience.

Customer testimonials narrate stories of satisfaction and loyalty, showcasing why the DZ brand stands tall amidst competition. The array of positive reviews mirrors the industry recognition bagged by DZ, including accolades that spotlight their innovation and integrity.

Beyond its offerings, DZ is devoted to sustainable business practices. This dedication encompasses environmental initiatives and proactive community involvement, reflecting a comprehensive commitment to responsible conduct in all aspects of business.

The DZ brand embodies a unique confluence of enjoyment, quality, and trust.