Certificate of Analysis for 502 Hemp Products

(Note: Some products not made by 502 Hemp have their COA on their site or listed on the product.)
**If You Don’t See Your Batch Number, Please Contact [email protected] For More Information.

6000mg Full Spectrum-

5H09272166-01 6000mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 10-2-21

5H10312266-01 6000mg/30mL FSD Dreamsicle

3000mg Full Spectrum-

5H02162236-01 3000mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 2-22-22 

3000mg Orange Dreamsicle 5H02162236-01, 2-2022

3000 mg Orange Dreamsicle 5H05112236-01, 6-2022

3000mg Mint 5H05302274-01 6-2022

3000mg Natral 5H05302225-01, 6-2022

5H09272136-01 3000mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 10-2-21

5H11082136-01 3000mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle

5H10312225-01 3000mg/30mL FSD Natural

5H10312236-01 3000mg/30mL FSD Dreamsicle

5H10312274-01 3000mg/30mL FSD Mint

750mg Full Spectrum-

750mg Orange dream 5H03282213-01 – 032022

5H02162216-01 750mg 30ml FSD Vanilla Latte 2-22-22 

750mg 5H06272216-01, 06-2022

750 VL 5H09142216-01

5H03282257-01 750mg Mint

5H12152113-01 750mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 12-28-21

5H12152110-01 750mg 30ml FSD Pink Lemonade 12-28-21

5H02162216-01 750mg 30ml FSD Vanilla Latte 2-22-22

750mg Pet Blend 5H03282264-01

750mg FS Dreamsicle 5H03282213-01

750mg FS Pink Lemonade 5H03282210-01

750mg FS Wild Berry 5H03282220-01

5H12062164-01 750mg30ml FSD Pet Natural 12-8-21

5H09142113-01 750mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 9-18-21

5H09162164-01 750mg30ml FSD Pet Blend 9-23-21

5H10202120-01 750mg_30mL FSD Berry 11-2-21

5H09282180-01 750mg30ml FSD Cinn 10-2-21

5H10062116-01 750mg 30ml FSD Van Latte 10-13-21

5H09142113-01 750mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 9-18-21

5H09162157-01 750mg30ml FSD Mint 9-23-21

5H08312161-01 750mg30ml FSD Bourbon 9-4-21

5H09142113-01 750mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 9-18-21

5H10062116-01 750mg 30ml FSD Van Latte 10-13-21

5H12062164-01 750mg30ml FSD Pet Natural 12-8-21

5H09282180-01 750mg30ml FSD Cinn 

5H10202120-01 750mg_30mL FSD Berry 

5H01142279-01 750mg 30ml FSD Natural 

5H02162259-01 750ml 30ml FSD Mint 2-22-22 

5H10312213-01 750ml 30ml FSD Dreamsicle

5H10312220-01 750mg/30mL FSD Berry

5H10312257-01 750mg/30mL FSD Mint

5H10312264-01 750mg/30mL FSD Pet Natural

5H06242213-01 750mg/30mL FSD Dreamsicle

1500mg Full Spectrum-

5H02162223-01 1500mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 2-22-22 

1500 Pink Lemonade -5H01142269-01

1500mg Vanilla Latte -5H10062122-01

1500mg Vanilla Latte 5H06272222-01, 6-2022

1500 Natural 5H01142205-01, 01-2022

5H09072121-01 1500mg30ml FSD Berry 9-11-21

5H09072156-01 1500mg30ml FSD Mint 9-11-21

5H09072160-01 1500mg30ml FSD Mint Julep 9-11-21

5H09072123-0 1500mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 9-11-21

5H09162156-01 1500mg30ml FSD Mint 9-23-21 

5H09072160-01 1500mg30ml FSD Mint Julep 

5H10062122-01 1500mg 30ml Vanilla Latte 10-13-21

5H09282181-01 1500mg30ml FSD Cinn 10-2-21

5H09162105-01 1500mg30ml FSD Natural 9-23-21 –

5H09282172-01 1500mg30ml FSD Nat w HSO 10-2-21

5H09072156-01 502Hemp 1500mg FSD Mint

5H08312121-01 1500mg30ml FSD Berry 9-4-21

5H09072160-01 502Hemp 1500mg FSD Mint Julep

5H09072123-01 502Hemp 1500mg FSD Dreamsicle

5H08312162-01 1500mg30ml FSD Bourbon 9-4-21

5H09072123-01 502Hemp 1500mg FSD Dreamsicle 

5H09282181-01 1500mg30ml FSD Cinn 

5H10062122-01 1500mg 30ml Vanilla Latte

5H01142205-01 1500mg 30ml FSD Natural 

5H01142269-01 1500mg 20ml FSD Pink Lemonade 

5H12222169-01 1500mg 30ml FSD Pink Lemonade 

5H09162105-01 1500mg30ml FSD Natural 

5H01142223-01 1500mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 

5H08152221-01 1500mg 30ml FSD Wild Berry

5H10312221-01 1500mg/30mL FSD Berry

500mg Full Spectrum-

5H11082119-01 500mg30ml FSD Berry 

5H02162213-01 500mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 2-22-22 

5H02162213-01 500mg 30ml FSD Dreamsicle 2-22-22

500mg FS Vanilla Latte 5H03282215-01

5H02162209-01 500mg 30ml FSD Pink Lemonade 2-22 

250mg Full Spectrum-

MEXT10312204-01 Mireya Extracts 250mg/30mL FSD Mint

5H09162124-01 250mg30ml FSD Pet Blend 9-23-21

5H12222124-01 250mg 30ml FSD Pet Natural 12-28-21

250mg Orange Dream 5H03282211-01, 3-2022

5H10312211-01 250mg30ml FSD Dreamsicle 9-23-21

5H11082108-01 250mg30ml FSD Pink Lem 

250 pet 5H09142224-01


CWE-SG-100318-2 25mg Softgel

CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

25mg Gummy – 2022

C25FSVD0822- 25mg Gummies

CEVD250122 – 25mg Gummies

CBD THC Free Gummies

CBD THC Free Gummies 042022-01


Broad Spectrum/THC Free

5H11082135-01 1500mg 30ml BS Mint 

5H11082134-01 750mg 30ml BS Mint 

12222130-01 500mg 30ml BS Dreamsicle 

THC Free

5H05112282-01 750ml30ml THCF Natural 12-8-21 

5H11082165-01 750mg 30ml THCF Dreamsicle 

5H10312265-01 750mg/30mL THCF Dreamsicle

5H10312282-01 750mg/30mL THCF Natural

CBD Roll On

5H12082163-01 500mg 3 fl oz BS Cooling Gel 12-14-21 

MExt12152205-01 Mireya Extracts 1000mg/3 fl oz BS Cooling Gel


HB08312107-01 HB 500mg60ml FS Honey 9-4-21

HB08312109-01 HB 500mg60ml FS cherry 9-4-21

HB08312106-01 HB 2000mg120ml FS cherry 9-4-21

HB08312103-01 HB 4000mg120ml 9-11-21

HB08312101-01 HB 4000mg120ml FS Honey 9-11-21 

HB11082104-01 2000mg 120ml FS Honey 

HB01142203-01 4000mg 120ml FS Cherry 

HB01142206-01 2000mg 120ml FS Cherry 

HB08312106-01 HB 2000mg120ml FS cherry 

Mireya Extracts

Mireya Ultra Spectrum_COA

Mireya 1000mg Balm

MEXT103122203-01 Mireya Extracts 1000mg/4 fl oz FSD Lavender Eucalyptus Balm


Banging Blackberry 09-12-2023-38409

Peachy Peach 09-12-2023-38411



coa-1643221442 DZD8 Orange Float 

DZD8 Gummies 50mgs

DZD8 Gummies AACP467 50mgs


DZD8 25mg 16906W1281-1


Blue Razz 09-12-2023-38412

Watermelon Chill 09-12-2023-38413

Sour Apple 09-12-2023-38410

Ganja Grape 09-12-2023-38414

DZD9 20679W1280-1

Dispensary Grade






48454-wild-cherry Chronix

48596-green-apple Chronix

Chronix Green Apple

Chronix Wild Cherry  

URB Sweet Watermelon

URB Peach Citrus Pomegranate 

URB Tropical Raspberry

Dispensary Grade Soft Chews