Dee Dee

Founder / CEO

Dee Dee started 502 Hemp to educate and support her community with Kentucky hemp products. Her high standard with compassion has been noticed by communities and organizations with various awards. She continues to grow and partners with local companies to cultivate a wellness atmosphere. Learn the full story of 502 Hemp and Dee Dee Taylor.


Business Director/Co-Owner

Relevant Education: BA Ohio University

Activities: Father, Business Mentor, Masters CrossFit Competitor, Powerlifting Competitor, Apiarist, Motocross Rider

I became interested in CBD when my arthritis became so inhibiting I thought I many need to end my athletic career. After taking CBD I noticed a dramatic improvement, not only my arthritic inflammation, but also with my muscle soreness and overall demeanor. Thanks to CBD I am more calm which has increased functionality in my personal & professional life. The decreased inflammation has allowed me to resume my athletic training & train longer than before. Observing these improvements, I knew this was an industry I had to be involved in. I wanted share this amazing product with as many people as possible. Once Dee Dee and I became acquainted I knew we would be the perfect match for a dream team operation. Our motto Quality, Integrity, and Knowledge Matters is more than just a motto, it represents the pillars of our company and the standards by which we live.